The Goju Ryu Martial Arts Academy


First established in 1988, the Goju Ryu Martial Arts Academy has trained many students in the art of self-defense. Under the guidance of Master Freeman and his staff of certified Black Belt Instructors each student is given individualized attention and taught at his or her own pace.

Training at the academy includes all facets of the Martial Arts. Students are first taught the basic fundamentals of the Goju Ryu Style. This includes all of the basic hand and foot strikes as well as blocking techniques and stances. Once the basics are understood one begins to learn Kata .

Kata , also known as forms, can be described as a solo dance. It is, however, more than a dance. It is a demonstration of self-defense techniques applied to one or more attackers. Through the learning and practice of Kata an individual gains a command over how their bodies move, a sense of self-discipline, and a basic understanding self-defense.

Contained within the Kata are the secrets of Goju Ryu.

The next step in training for a student is the Learning of Kumite.
Kumite is the Japanese word for fighting. In a controlled setting, with proper body shielding, and under the watchful eye of an instructor students spar with each other. This type of training gives them confidence that the techniques they are learning will work. They learn to coordinate their hands and feet to attack while at the same time learning how to react and defend against an oncoming attack. They begin to build their endurance and physical strength. They find a finer sense of balance, both mentally and physically. Self–Control is another benefit of Kumite since all strikes must be controlled so as not to cause a colleague unnecessary pain or injury. When a student progresses in their ability they will be asked to spar with the instructors.

The next step in training involves practical self-defense scenarios, the “What can I do ifs…?” We put the student into “real” situations and then give them the tools, based on the knowledge they already have from Kata and Kumite, to deal with these situations.

At the Goju Ryu Martial Arts Academy a student’s progress is measured through a belt system. All students begin with a white belt and proceed towards their Black Belt. The belt ranks in between are as follows: Yellow, Green, Purple, and Brown. As students reach the upper ranks they are exposed to and taught the various weapons of the Goju Ryu system, such as The Bo-staff, Sais, Nunchaku, Tonfas, Kamas, Jo, and Knives.

Students also receive training in the arts Jujitsu, Aikido, and Boxing. Each of these styles blending with Goju Ryu and lending themselves to create an effective self-defense system,


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