This Is My

Rather Ordinary Home Page

My name is Ray,
thats me down there on the left.
Welcome to my small piece of the Web.
It's here that I would like to share some of my interests.

My biggest interest is my family,
I have two children,
Ray, jr (no ego problem here) and Monica (she has my eyes).
They want me to mention our three cats Snickers, Static and Abbey....
.....I'm sure they are all thrilled.
Here are just a few shots of them.

Besides my family and my job ,I'm a Medical Dosimetrist.
There are two hobbies that take up a large share of my time.
The first one is acting and
the second is not really a hobby but rather its a Lifestyle, Karate.
I am a Sandan (3rd degree Black Belt) instructor at the

"Goju Ryu Martial Arts Academy".

Photo by Mark Thellman,
for his book of Angel photos.

"Juan Hot Chilli Festival"

June 5, 2004

Just a few Damp and Happy Revellers. Juan Hot Chilli Festival, July, 2005. Southern Cruisers Chapter 69 Camden County

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